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What is the business in the 2021 online and make money?

“You don’t bend. You don’t break. You even risk your life. That’s why you can’t change your mind and let go of this gambling den, right?”

A man who sticks to himself, shows no weakness, and just continues to live as a hoodlum.

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That figure showed me a way of life as a man that I had never seen before.

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That’s why I’ve already understood that he’s not the kind of guy who can do this with words.

“I’ll make that decision by force.”

In the end, this is the only way to go.

“You...with your body like that, you still...?”

“This is just fine. You’re the same to begin with.”

We were both in tatters. However, the only way to decide the future from here is to use our bodies to clash with each other.

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“...... You and I are going to settle it.”

“Hmm... if you win, we’ll disband... if I win, we’ll be as good as ever.... that how you want it to be settled?”

What to do from here on out?

I told him that if he was already a delinquent, he should act like a delinquent and leave it to the winner of the fight from here on out.

“Wha-, h, hey, Earth! Bro! Y-You guys, wh, why are you ignoring me...what are you doing, to do?”