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Part-time part-time platforms at home part-time

“I don’t use violence except for the minimum necessary.”

“You’re really saying that?”

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The force of the hand restraining her was so great that even Amasawa was unable to break free. Having said that, even if he chose some other means, it wouldn’t even be a match considering her current condition.

“Can’t you understand that what I’m doing right now is the minimum requirement of violence?”

Amasawa smiled back at him, but she was already imagining what would happen next over and over in her mind. However, no matter how many times she repeated it, she couldn’t find a pattern to break out of her current situation.

“The reason I called you here today is because I was actually thinking of injuring beyond recovery. Seeing as you know who I am, Ichika, no matter what I do in the future, you will only be a hindrance. Did you notice?”

“Ahaha~, that’s not funny.”

Amasawa took the face of the approaching Yagami head on and started preparing herself───

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The pressure was removed from her forearms that had been clenched in his grip and she was released.

“Just kidding.”

Smiling kindly as always, he put his hand on the door behind Amasawa’s back.

“What an intense joke, nya.”

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“Sorry, sorry. I really was thinking I was going to crush you today. But I stopped.”

“Ooh, really?”

At such a response, Amasawa leaned back and pulled away.

“It’s because I heard that you’ve already been sanctioned by Shiba. You were right not to fight back.”

“If you turn him away once, he’ll just come back twice as hard. I learned that as a child. But is it really okay to leave me alone?”

“I know that you will remain quiet, Ichika. If you had made the decision to completely side with Ayanokouji, I would’ve finished it already.”

“It’s a little difficult to balance the scales between the senpai I admire and the friendship of one of my peers.”