Do you make money on Chinese online?

Do you make money on Chinese online?

Li Shi opened the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application on his cell phone.

“The advertisements of Xude Education were cleaned up, and reputation via word of mouth was quickly restored. The return of the previous users brought back not only users lost during the management of the Xude Education but also the students and their parents.

“The number of active users in the app showed a miraculous rapid increase in the short period when Dream Realization Ventures took it back. “Not only that, but the offline teaching section of the app would also automatically search for nearby Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and shared phone booths as meeting places to greatly reduce their expenses.

“As for the life section of the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’, it promoted Fish-Catching Take-Out, Zhongdian Chinese Network, and some light games under its charge under the banner of ‘Work and Rest’. That has nothing to do with Boss Pei as well, right?”

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Pei Qian was utterly speechless. To be honest, every single one of them had no connection with him! He did not even know some of them until Boss Li mentioned them.

However, Pei Qian finally fully understood what was going on, seeing Boss Li’s expression.

Boss Li had his answers no matter what Pei Qian said!

Boss Li would only wear a meaningful smile on his face even if Boss Pei denied it. He would take everything as a kind of humor between friends. Or perhaps, even worse, he might take it as a form of... posture?

Pei Qian felt very tired. He did not even have the mood to settle the accounts with the person-in-charge of the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ application.

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Li Shi put on a victor’s posture, his face full of pride.

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See, Boss Pei’s exquisite plans were seen through by me. He’s rendered speechless! I don’t feel as much happiness from gaining from my investments!

Pei Qian took another sip of coffee and calmed himself down. He then said very reluctantly, “So, how do you plan to invest?”

Li Shi smiled. “Boss Pei, don’t worry, we will not snatch anything from you. We just want a teeny bit. We will definitely not invest blindly into the Thriller Hostel.

“We’ll just pick a random plot in the huge industrial zone and open a small store like food, entertainment, or whatever. We’ll definitely not make any trouble for you.”