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“Hey, you’re still good!”

“Haa, ha... Strong...... no way..... I didn’t think you would be this strong.... But I won’t lose! You’re going to lose! In this first round... I will draw on all my strength, I won’t lose!”

Rebal is also trying to do everything.

『...... Hey, child... tis a blow of a sword that spreads widely. Even if you avoid the blade, will you not be blown away by the shockwave that follows? If that is the theory... best to keep a certain distance and avoid it....』

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Tre’ainar muttered, but I knew without being told.

“Can you handle this? Earth! It brought down a fire dragon, earned me the title of Dragon Slayer, my strongest sword!”

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Rebal denies me with all his might. It’s the power for that.


“It doesn’t matter. I’m not here to lose, either. In any form, no matter what anyone says... This is who I am now! So I’ll respond too!”

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To break through from the front

To do so, even in this breakthrough mode, it may be a little touchy with the 【Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Screw Attack】.

If that is the case...... I can only use ‘That’!

Translated by: Sads07