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“…You’re using those ‘codewords’ again. You’re just trying to confuse an innocent lady like me…”

“Hey, this isn’t codeword or anything! Battling the person in the arcade means that we’re playing fighting games together!”

“Even if that’s true, you two will end up ‘fighting on a bed at night’ as a conclusion, right?”

“How did you even come up with that!? This lady’s really twisted. Your imagination is too wild…”

I gave her an extremely dumbfounded look. So, Ao calmed down for a bit and cleared her throat.

“Let say that you’re really just playing games. Why did you ask me to go with you then? Shouldn’t you just bring Keita Amano-kun to a date like this?”

“Ay, it’s because that guy’s busy after school today. He said that he can’t reject his family restaurant invitation…”

“Then why don’t you just go alone?”

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Ao’s reasoning is sound. I scratched my cheeks and answered.

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“…I’m a bit afraid of meeting someone I knew online…”

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“You’re scared. …Why did you promise the person then?”

“…Uh, …well, …I should say I do hope to play with her offline…”