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As an indescribable silence began to flow, Rodis-san opened his eyes and spoke with a strong tone.

「There is no longer any reason to stop it. I’ll acknowledge your relationship with my daughter.」

「Eh, what…?」

I didn’t understand what exactly he meant by that. My head went blank in an instant.

Right after Rodis-san said something ridiculous,

「F-Father!? What kind of stupid thing are you saying!?」

The president, whose face was beet red, flusteredly interrupted the conversation.

「What, you don’t like it?」

「I-It’s not that I don’t like, but… T-That’s not it! Think about the place and time!」

She looked at me for a brief moment, and then voiced her protest to Rodis-san.

「You say so, but there aren’t many men as strong as Allen. If you dally too much, he’ll be taken away in no time.」

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「I-I know that…」The president whispered something, blushing and looking angry at the same time.