Dayan money online team

Dayan money online team

Why is Boss Pei buying a house all of a sudden? What’s more, he’s buying a hilltop villa with a poor price-quality ratio, located on the outskirts of the city. He’s also buying the semi-commercial villa under the company’s name?

All of this had happened so suddenly. However, Assistant Xin was never one to ask too many questions. She worked according to Pei Qian’s requests. She negotiated the price, signed the contract, and finished up the other administrative matters.

Pei Qian continued to sip his tea nonchalantly. Then, he sent a message to Lu Mingliang.

“Make some time to create a new epic weapon for Ocean Stronghold. Limit the sales to ten thousand weapons. Once we hit the number, cease sales forever. It’ll be a limited edition weapon.”

He would not earn more money than he needed.

Pei Qian would never kill the goose that laid golden eggs.

Ocean Stronghold was in quite a good situation. The reason why so many people started playing the game was precisely that it had rare weapons and marketing value.

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If he allowed the Barrett Doom to be sold freely in the market, it would have severely damage the game’s financial situation.

Thus, after some consideration, Pei Qian made his decision. In order for Ocean Stronghold to keep earning money and laying golden eggs systematically and orderly, he would only sell three types of weapons:

The first type was like Barrett Doom. He sold a maximum of five hundred weapons per month and refreshed the number every month. This would slow down their depreciation and ensure that the majority would be able to cope with the developments.

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The second type would be similar to the newest epic weapon. He would sell ten thousand of them at one shot and then cease to sell them forever. This would allow them to appreciate it slowly.

As for epic weapons like the Red Kilin which were sold freely in the market forever, Pei Qian would not think about releasing a second one for now.

Otherwise, he might unintentionally increase the income generated by the game. After that, it would be hard for him to bring the income levels down again. He would also cause players to spend more than they otherwise would.

As long as he could sell all the epic weapons which he created this time and fill up the huge hole in their finances created by the villa, they would not break the capital chain. The other games and projects would also not be affected by this purchase.IS no