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Thus, in order for the company to survive, Yan Qi wanted the employees not to find new jobs. In order to distribute more bonuses in the future, he sometimes had to ask the employees to work overtime in order to speed up the development process.

He often felt conflicted about this.

The employees might understand this behavior very well and be very cooperative but Yan Qi still felt a little bad.

Great, there was no need to think about it now. Since there was no such thing as working overtime over the weekend, and there was no such thing as efficiency, he might as well give his employees a break to adjust their state. They could continue fighting bugs next Monday.

At that thought, Yan Qi said, “Alright, I’ve verified it. It’s indeed inefficient to fix the bugs over the weekend. Everyone, order Fish-Catching Take-Out this afternoon. I’ll treat everyone. You can go home after eating!”

“Of course, if you have an appointment at noon, you can leave early.”

The employees cheered.

“Boss Yan is awesome!”

“Thank you for treating, Boss Yan!”

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Thus, a small portion of employees who had arranged to meet their friends for lunch or wanted to go home for lunch left after greeting Yan Qi. The other portion of employees stayed and waited for lunch before leaving.

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Yan Qi no longer looked for bugs. Instead, he opened the official website of the Dawn Games platform to check the current state of the platform.

He didn’t know if he didn’t check, but after he checked, he was shocked.

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“Huh? The game platform started testing yesterday afternoon?”

“I did mention this before, but isn’t everyone still fixing bugs?”

Yan Qi vaguely remembered that the staff of Dawn Games had talked about the test run in the group chat previously. However, everyone was working hard to change the bugs. They were so busy that they subconsciously thought that the test run had to be postponed.

There were only a few games. How could the platform test the waters?

Now, he realized that he had to try!