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He picked a better-looking figurine, took his aim, and then tossed the ring as well as he could!

He misaimed and missed!

Wu Bin felt light-headed. The ring was so big, and yet he still missed! How could he face his own elders?!

No way, I can’t walk away like that!

Wu Bin retrieved many more game tokens, prepared to buy more rings.

However, at that same moment, the waiter picked up the figurine and placed it inside the ring at lightning speed.

“Congratulations, Sir! You’ve got it!” “Pfft!”

Wu Bin nearly choked on his saliva. How could he do that?

Was he really moving the target based on where Wu Bin’s ring landed?

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This was obviously rigged!

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However, looking at the waiter’s knowing smile, Wu Bin suddenly understood what was happening. Boss Pei had set this up on purpose! Wu Bin quickly took a handful of game tokens and bought ten rings at once. Then, he tried his best to aim for any figurine he wanted.

He won something every single throw! There was no way he could not. Even when he missed, the waiter would quietly move the figurine or chibi doll into the ring.

Soon, Wu Bin walked away with his arms filled with eleven figurines and chibi dolls.

The waiter very considerately placed all the figurines and dolls into a bag for Wu Bin, so that he could carry them around easily.

Other people began to realize that their chances of winning were extremely high as well. It was almost as if they were being showered with gifts for nothing!

As long as one aimed well at the claw machine, they would win something.

Every figurine that came out of the capsule machine looked good.