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Do you sell peppers online?

That’s right. Originally, Mantis’ body was not supposed to be human.

I can’t pull the hold off, but I can stretch my hands.

Then I’ll throw my fist. Where? Belly? Face? Centerpiece? Mouth? No, more like…

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The moment Mantis stuck out its face and was about to bite my head off, I gave it a short upper at the boundary between the head and chest.

『Hoh~. Not a bad point to focus your attention, child. Mantis…… Rather, the praying mantis has the feature of being able to move its head at a wide angle. However, because of that, the boundary between the head and chest is made softer.』

It’s a counter to someone who has opened their mouth.

Even though the structure was different from ordinary humans…

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“Ga, Kak… brat…”


It worked better than expected. Mantis broke free of my restraints and retreated back to escape and keep his distance.

“Hah~, hah~… Hey, whoever you are…. don’t put your hands on this, okay?”

The moment I said that, while in a Kunai throwing stance, that fellow…. Shinobu froze.

“Ho, honey…”

“I’m sorry to have worried you, but… I, too. I want to stick to the rules that I decided once I agreed to it. I’m not a hoodlum, and I’m not going to be a hoodlum…. I don’t want to lose to a hoodlum.”

That’s right. As long as Bro was living like that, I didn’t want to lose either.

So, I will stick through that.