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"That's why I will punish you for not being able to achieve your objective. Never again will you use violence without a justifiable reason. I forbid it. Can you promise me that?".

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"'s a punishment, right? I'll keep that promise".

"Of course, don't forget that you're not the one who gets to decide what a justifiable reason is. That's either up to me or a third party".

Sudou obediently abided by that as well.

From this incident, he may have realized his own foolishness and may have decided to act more mature.

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Horikita slowly turned her back and started to walk off.

"That's right...during this sports festival, much like you, I was unable to live up to everyone's expectations".

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"Ahh? It can't be helped, right? Since you got injured and all".

"Even so, I cannot forgive myself. That's why I also need to be punished".

Horikita said so as she turned around and then, she said this.

"That's why if you wish to do so, I don't mind allowing you to call me by my first name".

"Hah? O-Oi?".

"That is my punishment".

It's Horikita's own way of making a compromise, it's what they call 'finding common ground'.