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“…Uh, Konoha-san? It’s time for us to go…”

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I remained in front of the park. So, senpai suggested to me with a confused face.

After I heard him, I answered with a “yes” and took a couple of steps. …When I’m in front of senpai, I quickly turned around and blocked his path.

Senpai was surprised when I stopped him.

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“Uh, …Konoha-san? Aren’t we going to the convenience store…”

As for me, I threw…a question that seems unrelated at first to his face as if I’m cutting him off.

“Senpai tried to ‘imagine’ about it, right? Also, …this time, your heart can’t accept it, right? That’s why you’re running outside to calm your head down.”

“Hmm? What are you talking about? Is this a hentai game meme? Sorry, I don’t understand.”

After he said that, senpai walked next to me as if he’s trying to escape. However, I stopped him determinedly.

“Eh, …w-what do you want?”

Amano-senpai finally threw some angry words at me with a frustrated face.

Facing senpai like that-

I still didn’t back down, and we remained in a silent standoff for a while.

So, …I kept my silence and tried to take the best opportunity.

I grabbed my chance and threw the core question at him, …the boy Keita Amano.

“Senpai, you’re finding this repulsive, right? It hurts you a lot, right? No, you should feel angry, right? Or should I say, it’s all of that? No matter what, …that’s different than what you think about Agu-senpai, right. You were shocked by the difference between the two, right?”