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But even so, victory wasn’t guaranteed.

“It’s hunt or be hunted. It may be a game between children, but it will certainly still be an interesting one.”

As an adult, Tsukishiro wasn’t worried. He just slowly took his time executing the mission he had been tasked with.

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(Prologue End)

It was a certain year, long after people had become familiar with the 21st century.

As the world was facing all sorts of different problems, Japan was also at a turning point of its own.

Between declining birth rates, an aging population, environmental issues, and a fall in national power, Japanese society was beginning to show signs of decay.

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In order to rebuild from the ground up, the government began seriously focusing its efforts on cultivating its human resources.

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And, as one part of this shift in policy, a certain high school was established.

The goal of this school is to gather various students from all over the country and foster them into individuals equipped to take on the outside world.

[Advanced Nurturing High School]

One of the most distinctive features of this school is that it doesn’t consider an applicant’s middle school grades when selecting who they enroll.

The students chosen through the school’s custom selection criteria have a wide variety of characteristics.

There are those who can study, but struggle when it comes to communication. And there are others who excel at athletics but struggle in their academics.