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However, the focus of the debate had changed.

“We’ve already proven that there’s no problem with the BP. Can those who criticize the coach apologize now?”

“What the f*ck, didn’t the final summary mention? The BP tolerance error rate is too low. Once the rhythm breaks, it’s easy to turn the tables. What’s more, it requires proficiency. Wouldn’t the coach still have to take the blame if he chooses it even though he knows that the players’ are not proficient enough?”

“The strong team would have a 60%!t(MISSING)o 40%!p(MISSING)ossibility of winning while the weak team has a 40%!t(MISSING)o 60%!c(MISSING)hance of winning. The blue team in the previous competition was obviously stronger. Is there a problem with the lineup that the coach chose? The coach can’t be blamed if the players didn’t perform, right?”

“Isn’t it the coach’s fault that a first-tier team did not take any precautions and ended up losing blood? Go and see how DGE’s two teams do it. Defend or attack. That’s the difference!”

“There’s a gap, but that’s the gap between the players.

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If players did not argue and only one player complained, Pei Qian could have acted like he did not hear a thing. Then, he would not have to do anything. However, from the way the situation was developing, if he continued not to do anything; the players would surely not let him off.

The players would become angered, and they might do a thorough search into Ghost General. Then, he would be in deep trouble!

One of the rules of the System was that he could not reveal or hint at the existence of the System to anyone. This meant that Pei Qian could only do unreasonable or illogical things in secret, but he could not allow the general public to become suspicious of him!

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It would not be logical for Pei Qian not to update Ghost General since it was so profitable. If not for the fact that so many people were keeping up with Ghost General, Pei Qian would have been alright.

However, if this thing blew up and people internal and external to the industry became suspicious, Pei Qian’s inaction could amount to a violation of the rules.

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Pei Qian did not need to take this risk at all.