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Can I make money on online Fucai?

Indescribable happiness dazzled Wu Bin instantly. He nearly jumped off his chair in excitement.

He didn’t think that he would actually pass!

That was because the morning questions were simply too difficult. Wu Bin was shocked after answering the questions and almost did not take the afternoon session.

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However, he was a wily old fox who worked for many years after all. He knew better. He continued his fight in the afternoon after he calmed down.

In fact, the professional questions in the afternoon were unexpectedly simple…

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That puzzled Wu Bin but made him hopeless about the exam.

The morning questions were difficult so he felt that he probably would not do as well as the university students. The professional knowledge questions in the afternoon were too simple so it was difficult to bridge the gap between the university students and him.

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The results of the written test were not too optimistic if he thought about it this way…

The notice for the interview finally arrived after a few days of anxious waiting!

His cell phone vibrated slightly. Wu Bin glanced at it. The text message for the interview had arrived. The content of the email and text message was the same. It was just to ensure that the job seeker would not miss the email.

Wu Bin went to Tengda’s recruitment website immediately to confirm the interview schedule. He began to struggle internally again after he was done with these.

He did not harbor much hope for the written test… which was why he did not give much thought to the interview.

However, Wu Bin started worrying now instead.

Wu Bin would be very confident if it was a general interview because he had a good resume. He must have an advantage over university students.

However, it was clearly written on Tengda’s recruitment website that Tengda’s interview would be completely different from the interviews by other companies. There were fixed questions with standard answers. Moreover, this would be a cross-interview with the heads of various departments.