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The current Bao Xu wasn’t someone that everyone was familiar with just yet.

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However, it wouldn’t be long before his name was spread across the entire school.

The reason for that came from two incidents.

The first incident was him spending his entire first year of school from spring to summer grinding games in internet cafes.

When the scorching summer approached and everyone else were wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts, he was still wearing his sweater from autumn with a coat hanging behind his chair.

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That was because he had not returned to the dormitory at all and had no time to change his clothes.

When he was tired, he would just tilt the chair back flat and sleep.

When he woke up, he would wash up in the toilet before continuing to grind games.

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Just like that, he was oblivious to the four seasons of the year.

After that incident, he was termed ‘Autumn Pants Brother’.

The second incident happened during his second year of school. Because he had truly skipped too many classes, the school advised him to drop out.

Despite that, he continued grinding in internet cafes.

His family could not get into contact with him and thought that something had happened to him and he had died.

For sustenance money, Bao Xu sold in-game equipment, boosting and grinding services and just like that, he resided in the internet cafes for the next 2-3 years.

That was how godly of a being this person was.

Of course, to most people, this would be someone who was at the final stage of internet addiction and would require electrolysis treatment.