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“Please just tell me the truth. Otherwise… I don’t think I’ll be able to think of you as a friend anymore.”

Her words were charged with strong emotion.

If anything, she was trying all she could to be my friend, up until the very end.

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I simply couldn’t turn a blind eye to that serious, earnest look in her eyes.

I didn’t know where to start.

No, it’d surely be futile to try and conceal it.

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I would tell her everything. Confiding in her was the very least I could do to apologize.

“I… It’s just as you’ve said. I’m dating Ayano… No, I’m dating Kiyotaka.”

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Satō-san naturally had a very strong reaction upon hearing this.

Even though she had confessed to Kiyotaka and gotten rejected before, she still had lingering feelings for him.

It’s only because she and I ended up liking the same person that I could understand how she felt.

“You call him Kiyotaka, huh?”

I wanted to run and hide from her cold gaze, but I couldn’t.

“We got together right at the end of spring break. It really hasn’t been that long.”

“I mostly want to know when you started liking him.”

“…I’m not sure exactly when. But, back when you first reached out to me, I had already started to think of Kiyotaka as a member of the opposite sex.”

“I see…”

It didn’t seem like she was satisfied with my answer.