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Online writing, you can make money

Initially, Huang Sibo would still feel uneasy wondering if it would truly be fine to add on to the purchase budget repeatedly.

If this was any other company, he would have been lambasted by the boss!

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From 700,000 to 1,200,000 to 1,500,000...

If this was any other company, Huang Sibo would definitely be tagged with the image of someone that was weak in planning and controlling the budget.

However, in Tengda, Boss Pei not only did not blame him, but was pleased on the contrary!

Huang Sibo could not help but lament that this was the difference in a stage to perform!

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‘How can I be so stupid? Boss Pei’s actually trusting me so unconditionally...’

‘He’s doing so with all his love without any need for repayment!’

‘If I don’t produce this game well, I’ll be letting him down!’

In the blink of an eye, the end of the month arrived.

It was November 29th, Friday.

For Huang Sibo, that was like any other normal day.

By then, his work was almost completed; work on the design aspect was done with the details handled appropriately and the various resources of the game was in the midst of being created too.

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As the chief planner, Huang Sibo’s job scope naturally did not involve things such as handling the game editor personally – he had underlings for that.

His mission was to watch over everyone else of the design team and to ensure that progress was made.

Compared to creating the design draft, this was a much easier job and because of that, Huang Sibo had not stayed overtime for quite awhile.

With sufficient manpower and budget, the progress was within schedule and there was naturally no need for overtime.

Huang Sibo had never realized that work could be so relaxing and pleasing.

His phone rang.