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A pure and innocent goddess. It’s probably Kron.

In other words, they also know about Kron.

The world has yet to know of her existence, but she is a presence that could change the world.

If it was just within this island nation, there were people in the outside world who know of Kron.

Things smelled much too dangerous.

『If the Allied Forces, Mikado, Hiro, and Solja knew about the existence of Jamdi’el and Kron, they would not have let them be over a dozen years. Above all, nothing of note has occurred in the three months since you arrived in this country.』

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「That’s right. So..... they’re not with the Allied Forces...」

It wasn’t the Allied Forces that Wacha was in contact with.

If so, an Anti-Government organization.

『Above all else, the one who spoke from beyond the magic crystal said...’Human blood’... that implies...』

「The Demon Realm... the remnants of the former Demon King’s army...」

『An Underground Organization of the Demon Realm... or the likes, there are so many possibilities.』

There certainly were many possibilities, but none of them give a very good premonition.