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It consisted of 3 digit numbers in 15 rounds over 1.6 seconds.

One by one, the 15 numbers flashed on and off of the screen in quick, rapid succession.

For a moment, everything fell silent.

Whether it be Katsuragi, Matsushita, or Tamiya, none of them even managed to pick up their pen. They all just sat there in mute amazement at the question that had just passed them by.

Sakayanagi signaled to the teachers that she wanted to make use of her intervention, and, of course, I did the same.

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“Eh…? Well then, would the commanders please provide an answer for one question. Remember: the later the question, the higher the score.”

Naturally, the question I answered was the last one, question ten.

Matsushita obediently complied with my instructions and wrote down the answer I provided her with.

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She herself didn’t know the answer, so she didn’t have any reason to turn down the one I had given her.

[Fufufu. Flash Mental Arithmetic is quite an interesting game. I’ve never tried it before.]

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Kōenji, the man who Sakayanagi and I had already stopped paying attention to, had apparently opened his eyes again at some point.

With an amused smile, Kōenji cast a glance at the surveillance camera we had been watching the event through.

“Which question did you provide an answer for, Ayanokōji-kun? I chose the tenth with an answer of 7619.”

The answer I had given Matsushita was…

“I did as well.”

Apparently, Sakayanagi had managed to solve the last question as well.

“In terms of commander intervention, it seems we were evenly matched. In other words, this has come down to a face-off between Katsuragi-kun and Matsushita-san.”

As the teachers collected everyone’s answer sheets, the man who hadn’t responded to a single question once again opened his mouth.