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"That is what I mean".

The obedient Karuizawa did not inquire any further.

"Then, other than that, tell me something. You didn't raise your hand but which one did you think was the right one?".

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"I'd have to say both were right. Where to place the emphasis is up to the individual themselves after all".

"That's not an answer. Ultimately, you didn't answer what you're really thinking".

"Unfortunately, I have a policy of basically not thinking in terms of 'which' one".

".....what's with that? I don't understand. What do you want to do? Are you aiming to throw the other classes into chaos? Or are you seriously thinking about raising up Class D to Class A?".

"At the very least, Horikita believes that".

'That's not what I mean', as though saying that Karuizawa sighed and glared at me.

"What I'm asking about isn't what Horikita-san thinks. I'd like you to tell me already what you're seeing and what you're aiming for".

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"Let's see. If I had to say, I have no interest in rising up to Class A. It's just, I'm starting to feel like preparing this class to be able to rise to Class A isn't such a bad thing".

"What's that mean? I don't quite understand what the difference may be, just how condescending do you intend to be?"

It's better to keep Chabashira-sensei from coming to the front here.

"Even if I put it into words now, you won't believe me and I have no way to prove it. That's why I'll affix a protective line so that you'll believe me many times over. In this sports festival, a traitor will appear from within Class D. Then, that person will leak internal information from Class D, all of it, to the outside".

"Wait, huh? Are you seriously saying that!?".

"If that time comes, you'll believe me too. What I'm seeing, what I have seen, that is".

"What do you mean, tell me the details".

"Right now, I can't. But, when the time comes I will tell you everything. Right now go, we're standing out too much here".

"I was going to do it even if you didn't tell me to. If I'm seen together with someone gloomy like you, my value will decrease. any chance even if a traitor appears, it'll be fine right?".