What online game can make money?

What online game can make money?

“Thus, having appropriate depth would allow those three different types of players to play your game comfortably.

“Of course, I’m just talking about those things in theory. In practice, you would need to make decisions based on the situation you’re in. Don’t think that this is useless. The game industry, along with most other cultural industries, has no quantifiable standard for success.

“If a quantifiable standard for success existed, and there was a method to achieve quick success, everyone would be making successful games by now.

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“The real value lies in these theories. Once you understand these theories, you would have found the correct method. That would be the first step to success.”

Pei Qian nodded. Obviously, that was the most useful information that He An had in his storage of theories. To Pei Qian, those things were extremely hard to put into practice. Still, the theories themselves were very valuable.

It was like many instrumental disciplines. They could not directly change one’s life, but they could subtly do so by increasing one’s wisdom. He An took another sip of his coffee and spoke rather emotionally. “Next, I will share my opinion on the current gaming industry

“This only represents my own thoughts. Boss Ma, you can take it with a pinch of salt. It’s alright if you do not agree with me

“The domestic game market is becoming increasingly prosperous, but I think that it’s becoming increasingly hollow as well. Games with paywalls that peddle hatred can bring gamers a myriad of emotions. However, do they offer positive value of any kind? No, they do not!

“Of course, I am not saying that every game has to be educational. That’s a misconception. Games are for entertainment. Their first goal should be entertainment, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Yet, that does not mean that games are hollow and meaningless in themselves. A game that peddles hatred, plays with chance, and throws side-balls could achieve some success in the market. However, they would never become classic games that are known throughout generations, and they would never win any real respect from gamers.

“We want to emphasize that games are for entertainment, and that’s right. However, we cannot mock developers who want to express certain content to gamers through their games. They are essential to the market.

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“Unfortunately, game developers like that are few and far between in the current market. “Everyone likes violence, dramatic scenes, beautiful faces, and hot figures. The competition among game merchants can be likened to dishes that contain increasing amounts of seasoning. Gamers’ taste thresholds are constantly pushed higher, leaving chefs who insist on sticking to original flavors with nowhere to go.

“That’s why I’m considering retirement as well. I know full well that, in such a market, creating another game like The Landlord Game would not guarantee success anymore. “That’s also why I admire Tengda Games so much. Tengda Games’ Boss Pei is one of the rare developers in China, who dare to and are good at smuggling goods in their games. What’s more, his games are always so thought-provoking.

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“Boss Ma, if you become an outstanding game developer in the future, I also hope that you would understand how to smuggle the right goods in your games, appropriately and with restraint.

“Of course, don’t forget to carefully wrap your smuggled goods with exquisite and acceptable packaging. You would definitely fail if you reveal the cold, hard truth to gamers directly.”

Pei Qian listened intently, feeling conflicted inside.

He could sense the sorrow of a hero’s twilight from He An’s speech. He could imagine what He An had been like when he was working on The Landlord Game and other successful games: high-spirited and enjoying both fame and fortune.

Now, facing a market environment like that, he looked like he was retiring nonchalantly, but there was a sense of helplessness in that decision as well.

Still, there was good news. Pei Qian felt like he could definitely incur losses this time!