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“My initial concept originated from those myths about immortals and deities!”

“What I want to display is a sense of epicness and the most important element for that is style! Righteous immortals and monstrous demons; clashing these completely different styles is the best way to create sparks!”

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“So to say, the more the style deviates from human form, the better!”

“Strictly speaking, most three kingdom games are not suitable for this style because the three kingdoms revolves around a group of people. How can we give off such a feeling based on that?”

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“But, the requirement form has completely overhauled the images of the characters! That’s a perfect fit for this feeling!”

“Guan Yu’s a dragon, Ma Chao’s a centaur with mixed blood while Xu Chu’s a tiger...”

“Isn’t that just a heavenly match with my style?”

“Also, you guys don’t have to worry about matching the styles. I’ll do the design and sketches while you guys refine the details. I’ll clean up the loose ends thereafter. Don’t worry, with me heading the direction, the style will definitely be aligned!”

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“Boss Pei, what can I do for you…?”

Over the phone, Zhou Muyan’s voice sounded rather lifeless. Since they had last seen each other in Guangzhou at the end of last year, Pei Qian and Zhou Muyan had not kept in contact.

As Ocean Stronghold and Bullet Hole’s results had been rather divergent, the duo’s originally fragile relationship had been made worse.

Ocean Stronghold had already become the unabashed number-one domestically-produced FPS game, having a massive following while still expanding continuously. Its competitor had also been changed from other domestically-produced games to Counter Strike.

On the other hand, Bullet Hole’s popularity had slowly dropped after its initial success attributed to its widespread publicity. Although it was still operating in the black and doing alright, this evidently did not hit Zhou Muyan’s initial goals and expectations. It was falling further and further behind from Ocean Stronghold.