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Earn money online V-15155620

Xue Zhebin did not ask any more questions. He drove directly to Fu Hui Investments.

Li Shi poured a cup of tea for Xue Zhebin. “Don’t invest the money that we prepared previously to invest in the Cold-Faced Lady, we’ll wait and see!”

Xue Zhebin was stunned. He was a little confused. “Boss Li, haven’t you been researching for a long time? Did something happen again?”

Xue Zhebin had been learning how to invest with Li Shixue. During this period, the Cold-Faced Lady had been their focus.

Previously, Xue Zhebin and Li Shi had specially made a trip to Beijing to take a look at the Cold-Faced Lady store. They had personally eaten all sorts of food and checked on the shop’s situation.

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After that, Meng Chang started to burn money faster. He opened new branches and gave speeches. The Cold-Faced Lady became more and more well-known as he crazily increased his exposure.

Two days ago, Li Shi finally decided to invest in the Cold-Faced Lady after much consideration.

On one hand, it was because Cold-Faced Lady had indeed done well. Whether it was in terms of popularity or in terms of media reviews. The stores were done up pretty well and it looked like a high-quality investment project without any flaws.

On the other hand, Li Shi guessed that Meng Chang must have gotten the money from an investor. However, since Meng Chang did not publicize it openly, it probably meant that the source of funds was from Boss Pei given Meng Chang’s character.

Boss Pei had invested twice, and Tengda had even sent a finance manager to Cold-Faced Lady. This made the Cold-Faced Lady much more reliable in Li Shi’s eyes.

That was why Li Shi decided to invest a little money after some observation. It was not too early to enter nor was it too late. There shouldn’t be a problem to earn a little from it.

Li Shi was not a greedy investor. He pursued making a small profit for each project. Over time, that became a very considerable figure.

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Xue Zhebin naturally intended to invest two to three million yuan with Li Shi. It did not matter how much he earned as long as he did not lose everything, he would have good investment experience.

Li Shi sipped his tea and said to Xue Zhebin, “The situation has changed.”