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Hu Xianbin was overjoyed! He ran towards them and grabbed Huang Sibo’s hand.

“Brother Huang! Do you know telepathy? How did you know that I wanted to contact you?”

Huang Sibo paused. “Contact me? What for?”

Hu Xianbin replied, “I wanted you to contact Director Zhu for me so that he can guide the actors’ acting!”

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The four of them felt light-headed. “Acting? What acting? Is Tengda filming another movie?

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Hu Xianbin quickly explained, “The motion-capture actors’ acting! It’s for Boss Pei’s new game, Struggle!”

As he explained, he retrieved Struggle’s script from beside him and handed a copy to Zhang Zuting and Lu Zhiyao.

Zhang Zuting read the script, his expression becoming increasingly exaggerated.

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After briefly scanning through the two-page-long story outline, Zhang Zuting smacked his thigh. “Why isn’t Boss Pei turning this good script into a movie? The message is so deep. Although I don’t know if it’ll do well in the box office, it’ll definitely win an award!”

Huang Sibo had a different opinion. “Uncle Zhang, the game is to be split into two versions

-rich and poor. There seems to be a special meaning behind that. It won’t be easy to bring that message across through a film.”

“Why not? We just have to think of a way to merge them together! This has to do with emphasizing the gap between the rich and the poor. If we do it well, the film could have a lot of potential!” Zhang Zuting still insisted that the script would be better as a movie.

From the side, Zhu Xiaoce brought the discussion back to the main point. “It’s alright, Uncle Zhang. We’ll still have time to consider turning the game into a movie after it becomes popular. I’m sure Boss Pei has thought about that.”

Turning to Hu Xianbin, he said, “You were saying you need help directing the acting? What’s that about?”

Hu Xianbin answered, “I’m worrying about that right now. All the scenes in our game require real motion-capture actors. We need to capture every single expression and detail of the actors.

“What’s more, according to Boss Pei’s instructions, the game is to take on a more exaggerated style. Each actor’s unique facial features are to be emphasized as much as possible.

“However, that requires a lot from the actors. Emphasizing the actors’ features means that more exaggerated acting is required. However, all the motion-capture actors are bit-role actors who don’t have much experience in this area...”

At once, Zhang Zuting understood. “That’s easy. I can go and direct the actors, can’t I? I have a lot of experience acting as both a poor person and a wealthy person. I also know a lot about exaggerated acting. Just leave it to me!”

Hu Xianbin was pleasantly surprised. “Really? Thank you so much! But... would that affect your travel itinerary?”