How to download articles on documentation

How to download articles on documentation

Fu Rudras.

He is tall, about 190 centimeters tall.

Long black hair stretched to the back.

For a swordsman, he has a very thin body.

He appears to be in his early thirties.

An intellectual impression is reflected from his deep, well-formed face.

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If only he didn’t have a rapier-like thin sword dangling from his waist, he would look like a scholar.

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Wearing a white noble outfit and a black cloak on top of it – engraved with a green pattern, which I think I have seen somewhere before.

(Shit… This is the worst possible situation.)

On top of our infiltration being found out, the other party is a formidable enemy.

Fu is a top-notch swordsman who controls『wind』.

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He once attacked Thousand Blade Academy and defeated the president, Lilim-senpai, Ferris-senpai, and a great number of other swordsmen without breaking a sweat.

(Calm down and think. What is the best move I can make in this situation!?)

And when I was wracking my head at high speed,

「It’s been a while, Allen Rodore. It is a little surprising that we would meet again in a place like this.」Fu said, expressionlessly with a blunt, monotonous tone.

「That’s my line. To come across one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle in a place like this… It’s completely beyond my expectations.」