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At that thought, everyone’s impression of Meng Chang changed greatly.

Cai Jiadong sighed. “Speaking of which, Qiao Liang is really awesome!”

“Take the line on the VR glasses for example. Previously, all of us had interpreted the line from the perspective of beauty and design from Boss Pei’s perspective. We thought that we had understood most of the meaning.”

“I didn’t expect Qiao Liang to have even interpreted the meaning that it symbolizes the boundary between illusion and reality. It has indirectly deepened the meaning of the Doubt VR glasses.”

“As expected of the UP Master who understands Boss Pei the most.”

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“This way, the public opinion online would be completely reversed!”

Cai Jiadong casually flipped through the comments and comments of the players below the video. He knew that Teacher Qiao’s video had once again played a turning point like before!

Previously, many people had some stereotypes about Doubt VR glasses. Coupled with the anger accumulated by being played by monkeys after several limited purchases, it caused the reputation of the glasses to be bad after they were released.

However, now that many misunderstandings had been cleared, netizens knew that Tengda Corporation, Shenhua Corporation, and Slow Movement Studio had invested a huge sum of money in the research and development of this product. Naturally, they would revisit it objectively.

At that time, the rigid parameters and unique designs of the glasses would appear in front of gamers again.

The numbers would not lie.

A lens with a high resolution and refresh rate would definitely mean a better visual experience. As gamers went deeper into the experience and research, the reputation of Doubt VR glasses would definitely rise.

At this critical juncture, releasing another heavyweight game, ‘Fitness Battle VR’ would be able to burn another fire!

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While the two games, ‘Animal Island VR’ and ‘Fitness Battle VR’, were very important and releasing them separately would be more conducive to maintaining the popularity of the VR glasses for a longer time, it was better to hold a news conference together.

The VR glasses were a new thing. At the moment, most ordinary consumers were still in a wait-and-see state.

It was difficult to convince them to grit their teeth and buy VR equipment with just one outstanding VR game.