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“Tengda has a real probability. The hidden modification is to increase the drop rate; we have a fake probability...”

“As a result, the players’ trust in us has greatly decreased, and their trust in Tengda has reached an unprecedented height...”

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Everyone remained silent and lowered their heads.

Everyone knew how serious this matter was.

Many players on the internet were mocking them: They didn’t think that Tengda would secretly change the probability!

However, the other companies would secretly change the probability and cheat people. Tengda would secretly increase the probability and give players double the benefits!

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If they had to pay for the 515 event, such behavior would definitely make the players who had previously spent money unhappy. However, the event did not make the players spend money. The players who had previously received rewards could still continue to receive them. Thus, all the players were elated.

After this matter was exposed, gamers became even more passionate about Tengda’s 515 Games Day!

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While the money-burning war had not ended completely, Tengda’s popularity and reputation were already showing signs of total victory.

Eric considered for a long time and could only answer his own question. “We should follow the original method for the car. Many people have already drawn tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan in this lucky draw. If this car is given to these people, they will not lose their mentality.”

“As for the public opinion online, we can only think about it slowly after this period.”

He had to choose the lesser of two evils. Relatively speaking, he still had to take into account the mentality of the ballers.

What’s more, even though the popularity of this lucky draw had plummeted because of Boss Pei’s downturn, it was only incomparable to Tengda. Compared to other games companies, it was still very conscientious and worth it.

Therefore, the players would not be so ruthless as to criticize them to death. As long as they avoided the limelight and did not fight Tengda to the death, some players would appreciate it.