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However, he fell into a daze when he opened the live-stream and saw the number of people in it.

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It was a whole number, what’s more, this number would constantly change, increasing and decreasing at times.

Zhao Xuming thought that he had seen wrongly. Was there a digit missing?

However, he leaned his face closer to the cell phone screen to take a closer look. After looking at it for a long time, he finally confirmed that he had not seen it wrong. It was a five-digit number. There were less than thirty thousand people watching it!

Zhao Xuming was stunned. He looked at the bullet screen comments in the live-stream. There were quite a number of them too?

There were all sorts of bullet screen comments. People were giving small gifts quite often too!

There might not be many gifts but this was the live-stream of a competition after all. There were not many people giving gifts in the first place. The key was still the density of the bullet screen comments.

There was not much of a problem from the density of the bullet screen. The screen of the live-stream was only so big after all. The bullet screen could keep rolling as long as there were a thousand living people. If there were ten thousand living people, the bullet screen could be filled. If there were tens of thousands of living people, the bullet screen would have to be split. Otherwise, it would affect normal viewing.

The ICL league had been advertising for a long time after all, and many IOI players would be attracted to watch it. It was normal for the number of bullet screen comments to be high.

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What was with the number of viewers?

It would be too embarrassing if there were less than 30,000 people!

Other live-stream platforms had millions or tens of millions of viewers easily!

Even if it was a small-time broadcaster, he would be too embarrassed to greet them if he said that his live-stream only had 30,000 viewers.

Zhao Xuming’s face fell. Boss Pei was actually lying in wait here?

There was no problem with the other publicity materials, but they secretly limited the number of viewers on the live-stream platform?

Obviously, the audience had also noticed this number. Many people were discussing the bullet screen.