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There is no way he can know the movements of the Black Organization with absolutely no contact with the outside.

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(As Ferris-senpai said, the only thing left is the『ceremony hall』and『time』…)

After getting into the Empire, we will have no choice but to gather that information locally.

When I was thinking about that,

「The wedding location is at the residence of Numero Dolan. The wedding time is twelve o’clock in the Empire’s standard time. Considering the time difference, it’s about ten hours from now.」

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Unbelievable information rolled in from an unexpected person.


「I have my own information network too. Well, it does not compare to Rize-san though.」

「That’s not it… Are you going to help us?」

He was strongly opposed to us going to the Empire earlier.

「That’s right… In a manner of speaking, this is a『special victory bonus』for winning against me in the『unexpected way』you did a little while ago!」

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Clown-san’s eyes were serious, even though he said something silly.

「Allen-kun, you’re in a much more『important position』than you think. You must absolutely not die in a place like that–not a single person wants that. So, no matter what, please come back safely, okay?」