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Ria rubbed her eyes, and slowly raised her upper body.

「Good morning, Ria.」

「!? A-Allen! You’re awake!」

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With her eyes wide open, she hugged me tightly.

「Ah, you’re hurting me, Ria…」

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「I’m glad… really glad…」

She whispered so, again and again with a trembling voice.

(I have made her worry…)

It was a bit complicated, because of the feeling of guilt that caused her worries, and the feeling of joy that she was worried about me to this extent.

But…… For the time being, I have to say this.

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「E-Err, you know… I-It’s touching…」

「…Touching? …!?」

She understood exactly『what』was touching me, as she blushed brightly and separated from me.