What online make money in Japan

What online make money in Japan

Pei Qian tried to regulate his emotions and finally considered the cycle’s settlement calmly.

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He had suffered successive ‘attacks’ during this cycle, but he was not giving up on the fight.

There was still time to turn things around.

Take the Sloth Apartments’s model for example.

The Sloth Apartments had been bought over. Tens of millions of yuan had gone into it, and a huge amount of System Funds had been dealt with. All the apartments had been rented out, but it would take years for the company to recover its huge investment with that bit of rent.

Thus, the Sloth Apartments had become popular, but it was just the scale of it that was frightening. In actual fact, it was not generating that much profit.

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Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Deposit Fitness, and other physical shops were all rented. That was why they could generate steady profits. However, rent still had to be paid, and the more branches they set up, the more money Pei Qian could get rid of.

Thus, Pei Qian started to think about a way to spend a ton of money during this cycle.

Pei Qian did not have to worry about opening new branches for the internet cafe, take-out, or gyms because new branches were consistently being opened. As a traditionally excellent business arm, Upwind Logistics would continue to work hard. A portion of funds could go into more publicity for GOG’s foreign version, but Pei Qian had to be cautious. If the game started generating huge income overseas, everything could backfire...

There was another important department: Otto Technologies.

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Otto Technologies’ project would drag until the next settlement this time. Pei Qian could easily invest more money into it, but its products had to be completed before the end of the next cycle.

At the moment, Otto Technologies was working on setting up a software laboratory that would focus on camera algorithms and software.

The software would be an upgrade and improvement of an earlier version, and so it would not be the project that the extension would be granted for. However, the image algorithm needed more work done on it and could only be completed during the next cycle.

Thus, Pei Qian thought that it was possible to channel more funds into it as long as it could be done before the next settlement date.

At the same time, he could start planning for various promotional events and sales.