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“Francis Xavier!… or something like that, right?”

Sudou wasn’t able to recollect the correct name.

“I remembered. It was Francis Bacon!”


“Yes! This is definitely a perfect score!”

“No, not at all…”

If we continued at this pace for the next week, desperately studying, everyone would probably pass.

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“Everyone, just take care of your health. We don’t have much time to study.”

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Kushida also understand that there was practically no room for error this time around.

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“It’s ok, it’ll be fine if it’s these three.”

“As expected of Horikita-chan. It feels like you’re trusting us!”

I think she was trying to say that “Idiots don’t catch colds”, but whatever.

“Hey, be quiet over there. Your yapping is loud.”

A student nearby paused studying and looked at us.

“Sorry, sorry, I was too loud. I was happy since I got a problem right. The person who came up with inductive reasoning is Francis Bacon, you know? I won’t forget since I learned it once~”

Ike said while laughing in joy.