Online earning pair

Online earning pair

Everyone was reacting overwhelmingly well... However, on further thought, this made sense. The game had only been released a couple of days ago, and yet it was distributing cash like crazy. This was either unprecedented or very rare.

More importantly, most people were tempted to try their luck because the game had just been released.

If GOG was a game that had been released three or four years earlier, most players would already know how good they were at it. They would know their rough ranking, and they would not have unrealistic fantasies like ‘I can make it as a Grand Master’. Naturally, they would not blindly take part in the competition either.

However, things were different. Everyone was starting from ground zero. Everyone thought that they stood a chance to emerge among the top one thousand. What’s more, they would be able to see the results in just a week. This kind of wishful thinking pushed many gamers to download GOG and fight hard. Pei Qian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He could no longer predict what the next cycle would look like. Perhaps it would be an unsalvageable mess.

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Still, no matter what, it would be good if he could push everything to the next cycle. At the moment, the only good news was that Be Quiet was not selling very well. It was a long way from recovering the initial investment. “It should remain steady for the next two days, right?”

Pei Qian heaved a long sigh and accessed Aili Island, prepared to watch a couple of lame videos to calm his nerves. However, when he refreshed the page, he saw Teacher Qiao’s new video on the homepage. It was the third episode of Products of the Gods: Be Quiet, the hard work and pride of an elite game designer! With a thud, Pei Qian threw his cell phone as far away as possible. He buried his head in his hands and closed his eyes. Oh, no, it’s a nightmare! Pei Qian remembered the horrific ‘support’ that Teacher Qiao’s ‘Products of the Gods’ series had brought to him when he released Game Designer and Repent and be Saved. He had thought that GOG would be the target this time, but since GOG was already that popular, Pei Qian had not been too worried about an additional video from Teacher Qiao.

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He would never have thought that Teacher Qiao would let Tengda Games go and work on Shang Yang Games instead!

Pei Qian was speechless now. Do you have to pick on me like that?! Be Quiet is my last hope. Can’t you let it be?! What’s more, this is already the third episode of Products of the Gods. Why have all your episodes been about my games?! Have you heard of anyone else named a god so many times?! How can this be?!

Even if you’re passionate about my games, you should at least make videos about other companies in the middle. After all, you can’t keep shearing the same sheep, can you?! Pei Qian cussed non-stop in his heart. Still, after he calmed down, he quietly picked up his phone.

He was reluctant, but he still had to watch the video. He could not be like an ostrich. He had to find out what Teacher Qiao was praising, so that he could learn from his mistakes and not commit them again in the future.

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“I know better than anyone that you’re spouting nonsense, but I have to suck it up and watch...” Pei Qian resentfully hit the ‘play’ button.

“My dear daddies, greetings. I am still your Teacher Qiao. “You should know what this video is about since you’ve read the title. I’ll be talking about Be Quiet today, which is also called ‘Shh!’ in Mandarin! “This game has caused a heated debate online recently because of its unique prerequisites for customers. Many fans have been sending me private messages, asking me to express my opinion on this. “All of you know that I’ve been participating enthusiastically in the game’s ARG riddle ever since it was released. To tell you the truth, the first gamer to crack the code and make it into the game was yours truly. Ai, I’m sorry. “After playing this game intensely for some time, I finally decided to film a new video for the ‘Products of the Gods’ series!

“So, everyone, come and unveil this mysterious game together with Teacher Qiao. Are you ready?”

As he watched the introduction, Pei Qian only felt one thing: exhaustion. This Teacher Qiao has obviously misunderstood my intentions because of a rash design decision that I made for the game! Since this had happened twice before, Pei Qian already knew Teacher Qiao’s set extremely well. However, it was no use. While the set was the same, the content was different each time.

The fans loved watching Teacher Qiao explain games with flowery language. What was Pei Qian to do? He was helpless. It was almost as if he could see what would happen next. Still, he braced himself and carried on watching.

“Before I analyze this unique online horror game, I want to jog everybody’s memory. “Please recall the rage that you felt when you were playing Repent and be Saved. That’s right. Recall that rage and compare that feeling to what you’re feeling at this moment. Do you sense similarities to some extent?

“Some might try to argue and say that it’s not the same, but I must honestly tell you: no, it is the same. “This rage can be summarized in one sentence: ‘The world is not moving as I expected, and so I’m angry.’