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At first, she wouldn’t even make eye contact.

“There. Let’s wash our faces and go to the dining hall, okay? I’m going straight to the venue, so no roadwork today.”

“So, don’t be shy, and cheer me on as much as you can today, okay? Then, as a reward, we’ll play a lot tomorrow.”


As I said that, I got up with Amae under my arm and patted her on the head.

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Then, Amae also suddenly looked surprised, and smiled at the next moment.

“Un! I’ll cheer! Do your best, fight on!”

“Yeah, I’m going to do my best.”

It felt nice and calm.

I was also relaxed and smiling.

“Oh, good morning! Earth!”

“Hiiya, big brother! ...... Is that Amae? Where were you?”

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“...... d, don’t know...”

When I went to the dining hall, the sisters were preparing breakfast.