Make money online website platform

Make money online website platform

Thus, Zhang Yuan had to inform Xiao Peng and ask him to open up as many Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 as soon as possible. They manage one internet cafe per province even if they could not reach one internet cafe per city for now.

For example, they had to open more cafes in some areas with advanced economies and a large number of talents in E-Sports.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe 3.0 was already a profitable model. However, opening these internet cafes would still require a huge amount of money. It would take a long time for them to recover their capital.

Thus, Pei Qian welcomed this matter. It was always good to spend the money now. Earning money in the future was a matter for the future. He did not have to think too far ahead for now.

Thus, Pei Qian would not ask too much about the details. In any case, the results would be the same no matter whether he asked or not. He might even earn more if he did ask so he might as well not see it and not be stressed over it.

Pei Qian was just about to leave when he saw Li Shi and Xue Zhebin walk over after sending the other three bosses away.

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Li Shi and Xue Zhebin were the ones who had treated them to the meal today. Pei Qian wanted to rush to foot the bill, but he held himself back after some consideration.

Li Shi and Xue Zhebin walked up to Pei Qian and chatted for a while.

Li Shi then changed the topic and asked casually, “Boss Pei, I heard that Dream Realization Ventures has invested in a new project recently?”

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Pei Qian immediately became cautious.

What is the meaning of this?

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Boss Li and those investors want to invest together with Dream Realization Ventures?

Stop fooling around!

Pei Qian quickly said seriously, “Dream Realization Ventures is indeed investing in new projects, but I’m not involved in any of them. I don’t even know what companies Dream Realization Ventures has invested in.”