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Is it true if you can make money online?

Of course, the so-called utilisation was also far-fetched and forced.

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On the surface, he was using the identity of the protagonist ‘Martial God’. However, in reality, he was purely trying to increase the difficulty and dissuade players.

Pei Qian quickly had a rough idea. He cleared his throat and said, “There’s nothing wrong with your original idea. However, the problem is that it’s too conservative. I can’t tell that this is a brand new story.”

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“The downloadable content must give gamers a different feeling. How can we live up to the expectations of gamers if we only make minor adjustments to the original battle foundation? We would also be letting down the hard work of the original author for conceptualizing the plot!”

These words made the author of Eternal Reincarnation, Yu Fei, a little embarrassed.

In fact, he did not think much about it when he wrote this story. He only felt that the identity of the Prison Keeper was relatively special. He could dig deeper and make up a slightly tacky story.

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Boss Pei was the producer of Repent and be Saved. Obviously, he had the highest right to explain Repent and be Saved’s plot.

It was good enough that Boss Pei approved of the plot that he had casually written. He did not expect the production team to follow through with his own plot.

However, Boss Pei’s attitude made him feel a strong sense of respect.

Pei Qian continued, “In my opinion, we should change it this way.”

“First of all, the content of the downloadable content happened before the main plot. Since that’s the case, we obviously should let players experience the downloadable content first before experiencing the main plot.”

“Therefore, the downloadable content can be purchased and experienced separately from the main game. Players who have already purchased Repent and be Saved before the downloadable content is released will not be affected.”

“They have to complete the contents of the first few chapters before they can purchase the downloadable content. If they complete the downloadable content, they will get a 70%!d(MISSING)iscount when they purchase Repent and be Saved.”

“That would guide the new players to play the downloadable content first before playing the main game.”

“We have to make sure the order is correct so that the gamers’ gaming experience would be the same as the storyline!”

“This might only be a relatively detailed part but the more detailed it is, the more we cannot ignore it!”

Hu Xianbin and the others quickly recorded it down.

This rule sounded a little strange. Which downloadable content could be purchased individually and encouraged players to play downloadable content first?