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"Please come out".

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Sakagami then spoke towards the staff room and called the students out.

Not too long after, the two of them showed up.


It's Ishizaki and Albert.

Why are the two of them here after that idiot Ibuki?

"They were waiting here since early morning after asking whether or not you had dropped by. They won't listen to me even when I told them to call you directly so I'm in a bit of a bind here. First do something about these two".

"What the hell are you doing? Get lost or I'll kill you".

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I glared at Ishizaki who was about to say unnecessary things and distanced myself.


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Sakagami touched his glasses while looking at me intimidate them.

"The surveillance camera destroyed yesterday? Do they have something to do with it?".

"I did that alone. Let's get going already".

Careless interaction here will just cause these guys to corner themselves.

I shook them off, ignored Sakagami and started walking towards the counseling room. Despite suspecting Ishizaki and Albert, Sakagami urged them to go back while following me.

"I understand more or less from your call but let's go over it step by step, Ryuuen. First of all, do you admit to breaking the surveillance camera using a spray can?"

"Yeah. I did that on my own".

"And one more thing. Do you admit a fight break out between you, Ishizaki, Albert and Ibuki?

"I admit it. I take responsibility for it all. I threw the first punch. As a result, they ended up retaliating though".