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As soon as we arrived at Pallet, Karuizawa glared at Horikita and immediately started complaining.

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“We’ll start right away. After all, Hirata-kun has club activities to get to.”

“Wow, ignore me. As expected of Horikita-san.”

Horikita disregarded Karuizawa’s request for an apology and sat down at her seat.

“And you still didn't apologize at all.”

With the two of us now present, the group at the table consisted of Hirata, Karuizawa, Kushida, as well as Sudō.

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It's true that there's not much time left until club activities begin.

It's already about 3:50 in the afternoon. Club activities start at around 4:30. The most anxious one of us should be Hirata as a member of the soccer club, but he was very calm and maintained his smile. He seemed to be looking forward to this meeting, his youthful eyes shining brightly.

After Horikita took her seat, without even ordering a beverage, she spoke to the group:

“Well, let’s start with these upcoming quizzes.”

“Should we be concerned about those? All of these tests are being held one after the other. It’s a burden to have to study for all of them. Plus, thankfully the school said that the results of those quizzes won’t be reflected in our grades at all.”

Midterms, quizzes, and then finals. This storm of constant studying would undoubtedly become an unbearable pressure on students who lack the proper study skills.

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“Well, I don’t intend to force people to study for these quizzes. But I don’t think the school is having us do these quizzes purely for the purpose of seeing the students’ academic strength. We just finished, and passed, the midterm exams after all.”

“Isn’t it because the midterms this semester had really simple questions?”

“So you’re saying that the quizzes will then be really difficult? That would only be inefficient for the school.”

If they made these upcoming quizzes really difficult, it would defeat the purpose of a midterm exam in the first place. It would be like putting the cart before the horse.

“In other words, the quiz itself is meaningful, right? Does the school have a goal in mind outside of seeing our academic ability?”