What game can make money

What game can make money

"I think it's better not to do anything and just wait. It's a rule to do that in the case of an elevator emergency" I told her in response.

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That is the safest and surest way.

"If you can handle this steam bath sure" Ibuki fired back.

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And while we were trading an unproductive exchange back and forth, the temperature had risen. I can understand the impulse to get out of here, but I'd like to avoid making poor decisions. I took off my coat as I sat down on the floor.

In situations like this, the thing to do is to not raise your own body temperature.

"How about you sit down too? If it's too hot, you can strip too" I told her.

"....huh? Are you perhaps thinking something lewd in this situation?" Ibuki asks me.

It seems Ibuki interpreted my words that way and her guard went up.

"I heard you were able to fight equally with Horikita. There's no way I could possibly beat someone like you" I told Ibuki.

"That's true, but..."

"Of course, if you are going to strip, I'm going to turn my back to you so relax" I continued.

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"I'm not going to strip".