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Before the testing, the display was on. The video creator had also toggled the functions of the phone after soaking it in water. It was obvious that he was using a real phone instead of a duplicate.

Ruin a real cell phone in each episode of the show?

Hu Xiao did not really understand the life of the ballers…

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Hu Xiao did not take the matter to heart. Contented, he hummed a song and went to take a bath.

After finishing the semi-finals, Rose and I headed to the infirmary to treat the wounds that we sustained during the match.

Rose walked unsteadily.

I was walking slowly next to her, matching her pace.


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Rose suddenly staggered and leaned onto me.

「Are you all right?」

I supported her body in a hurry.

「I’m alright… However, because I used Winter Sakura beyond the duration… This is the drawback…」

Rose said so and began to walk slowly again.

It seems that she pushed herself too hard in the fight just now.

「I see… Then let’s walk a little more slowly.」

「Un, thank you …」

After a little while.

As we were silently walking down the hall,

「… It’s frustrating. I couldn’t win, again… 」