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“Boss Pei, the person-in-charge of every department, has arrived. We’re about to start the selection for outstanding employees,” Assistant Xin reminded him.

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, I’ll be right there!”

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It was already August; it was time for the biannual selection of outstanding employees.

It was originally at the beginning of the month, but Boss Pei was really too busy with work and exams week. He nearly exploded with what happened with IOI. He did not have the time to care about it so it was pushed to the middle of the month.

What a good thing it was to have it pushed down two weeks.

So many inside jobs!

If it was held as originally scheduled, these things would have stayed hidden for another half a year before he could get rid of them.

Pei Qian sharpened his knife. Who was the lucky guy to be eliminated this time?

The person-in-charge of the various departments was chatting merrily.

In fact, everyone knew in their hearts that Tengda was developing so well that all departments were making rapid progress so it was not surprising for anyone to get the outstanding employee award.

Some of them did not want to get this outstanding employee award, especially these department heads.

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That was because they were very satisfied with their jobs and did not want to change their career paths. For example, Zhang Yuan was so reluctant when he was awarded the best employee previously.

Moreover, the person-in-charge was the highest authority in every department. If the department achieved great success, most of the credit would be given to the department head unless the ability of a certain employee was particularly outstanding.

That led to the fact that the outstanding employees were mostly among the department heads.

Many of them wanted to voluntarily give up, but Boss Pei would definitely not allow it. That was why everyone could only accept it.

As to the Dream Fund, it used to be a lot, but there did not seem to be too much left.

However, Boss Pei was not stingy with money. For example, the DGE Club did not have enough money after the Dream Fund, and Boss Pei still gave a huge grant.

In short, everyone just regarded the Best Employee Selection as a compliment. It was nothing too strange.