Is the online make money information reliable?

Is the online make money information reliable?

For example, the existence of the Overall Ability category had created a provisional competency ranking of sorts.

Now, if a troublesome special exam were to take place again, the class probably wouldn’t even need to discuss who the expulsion candidates would be. The students with the lowest overall scores would be the ones in the hot seat.

Deep down, Airi, who was ranked at the very bottom together with Ike, probably wasn’t very happy about that either.

(Part 1 End)

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With the introduction of the OAA app still on everyone’s minds, the second period began.

And yet, the class was probably more concerned that Chabashira would officially start getting into ‘that’ now.

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Unsurprisingly, this prediction had been spot-on.

“Now, I’ll give you guys an overview of the next special exam.”

With that, Chabashira broached the subject, almost as if she was starting off a normal, everyday lesson.

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“The first special exam you’ll be taking this year will incorporate new experiences that you’ve never come across before, just like with the introduction of the app.”

Was this Tsukishiro’s doing, or was Nagumo the one behind it? Either way, the school seemed to be going through some major changes.

“The bottom line is that the exam will take the form of a written test where you second-years will be partnering up with the newly admitted first-years.”

“Partnered with… the first-years…?”

We had only rarely ever done something that skipped across the different school years before.

There were exceptions to this such as the training camp, but the established trend was for classes of the same year to compete against each other.

Had the barrier between school years been broken due to the introduction of the OAA app?

“This special exam will primarily focus on your test-taking and communication skills.”

Test-taking skills and communication skills.

Two concepts that, at first glance, didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other.