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“Yeah, yeah, see? If you got that, it’s time for you to stop misunderstanding me-“

“Yes. …That’s why I’m increasingly suspecting that you’re a player.”

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“Meeting with a girl other than your girlfriend in a quiet place secretly, and even cheer her up. …I feel like it’s a bit too much for a guy. Honestly, I can’t deal with you.”

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“That’s too unreasonable! I just made a big mistake, what is this? I’m not benefiting at all!”

“Benefits? Well, …ah, uh, how about I pay cash?”

“That’s just making it worse! What kind of guy will charge a fee for discussing with a friend’s girlfriend!”

“…I feel like it sounded way worse now that you’ve said it.”

“Really! I don’t need your money! However, please more or less respect or like me!”

“Oh, this means that, even though you have a girlfriend, yet you still wish your friend’s girlfriend to like you. Is this what you’re trying to say. …You’re literally the worst douchebag on the planet.”

“I guess you’re right! Sigh, …that’s enough, whatever. I’m tired.”

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I feel like I’m already resistant to being called a player or a prick in recent times. Sigh, do whatever you what, how troublesome.

I decided to conclude this discussion as soon as possible and leave.

“Anyway, you can’t distance yourself from your partner just because of a dull misunderstanding. Moreover, the school trip is here soon.”

I said that as I left the reference book area. “Yeah.” Tendou followed behind and answered.

“By the way, Uehara-kun, how are you doing? Are you on good terms with Aguri-san?”