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What are the online registration to make money APP?

For example, the Long Yu Corporation was like a department leader. Initially, they had brought all their members along to slack off. Others could not tell, but they could feel that this department was not very impressive.

In the end, someone in the department suddenly worked hard as if they were on steroids and worked overtime every day. Everyone else in the department was exposed and became a bunch of useless people waiting to die.

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The person-in-charge of the department would definitely be scolded the most.

Zhao Xuming quickly said, “Don’t worry, there’s still time to salvage the situation!”

“The competition will only start on Saturday. There are still two days left. We will invest some resources into promoting IOI’s qualifiers. That way, players will think that FV Club has only obtained insider information in advance. They will not think that we are unprofessional.”

“What’s more, we should be able to achieve a good effect by doing publicity now with FV Club’s publicity.”

Only then did Chrétien nod in satisfaction. “It would be best if you can salvage the situation. I believe in your professional abilities.”

On the surface, Zhao Xuming looked calm and relaxed. However, he was cursing in his heart.

Why was this FV looking for trouble? They were harming others without benefiting themselves!

This time, Long Yu Corporation would have to fork out another huge sum of money to invest in the qualifiers.

Not only did they have to spend money on advertising and marketing, but they also had to hurry up with the construction of the competition venue and make it more gaudy, right?

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With more attention on the game, there would definitely be more players who would nitpick. If the venue was not good enough, it would definitely lower the level of the competition and be more embarrassing.