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“Oh, Agu, it looks like you brought the guy here.”

This dominating voice grasped and ruled the mood inside. -None of the conversations before this mattered anymore. It’s an overwhelming pressure.

…The voice that I can’t forget even if I want to. This…


Mii left Aguri-san and ran inside. My eyes followed her. …Then, I saw a silver hair beauty deep inside the corridor leaning on the wall lazily. She’s not wearing her usual flight attendant uniform today. Instead, it’s a vest with thin shoulder straps and tight jeans that emphasized her long legs. Home clothing. However, that unique dominance is still fully operational.

…My forehead is covered in cold sweats as I gulped.

(She’s the same. …The type that I’m scared of the most…)

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Beautiful, arrogant, confident, -a woman that seems to be always tasting others.

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For a short, self-abased, and cowardly person like me, she’s the absolute opposite of my kind.

So, at that time, …I wanted to escape when I glanced at her.

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Also, at this moment, she’s observing me to her satisfaction with “that” look.

Just as I’m confused by her meaning and froze at the entrance, …for a moment, I think she’s teasing me. Then, she looked back at Aguri-san, who’s taking off her shoes. After that, -she spewed something unbelievable.

“I see. Agu, this guy’s your- boyfriend?”