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They were in charge of the VR glasses and the Animal Island game respectively. Now that the finished product was out, they felt very proud. They could not wait to show off in front of Boss Pei.

Even Boss Pei would be very satisfied with such a product, right?

As for Lin Wan, Ye Zhizhou, and the others, they looked relatively calm because they had worked with Boss Pei many times.

That was because they knew very well that no matter how outstanding a product or game was, there must be a problem in Boss Pei’s eyes. It could not be perfect.

Boss Pei would definitely be able to judge from a higher dimension and see flaws that no one could see!

Even if this product or game really reached perfection, it was not particularly surprising to Boss Pei because everything was definitely within his expectations.

Pei Qian fell silent seeing everyone’s expressions.

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He was a little flustered but he could not show it at all.

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His character and image must not collapse!

He could not show his fear in front of Meng Chang especially since he was looking at him that way!

Pei Qian nodded slightly. “Yes, it’s not bad.”

“However, I have two suggestions for changes. You can decide whether you want to change them or not.”

Lin Wan’s eyes lit up.

Indeed, Boss Pei saw the problem and came to give pointers!

She immediately nodded. “Go ahead, Boss Pei.”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and said, “The first suggestion is the logo on the forehead of these VR glasses.”

“My idea is to draw a horizontal line in the middle of the logo on the forehead, across the entire logo.”

Everyone was stunned.