Teachers do question how to make money online

Teachers do question how to make money online

The corners of Meng Chang’s mouth could not help but curl up as he read everyone’s comments.

Many people were cursing him in the comments but Meng Chang was not angry at all. Instead, he was very happy.

That was because it meant that his bad reputation was indeed useful and the effect was immediate!

A single Weibo post could make everyone, including Slow Movement Studio, curse at it. There was no one else who could achieve such an effect of slandering it.

Boss Pei’s plan had succeeded again!

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Meng Chang finally relaxed when he saw that everyone was scolding him on Weibo. Next, he had to edit the promotional video and post it on the internet to boast about it, further aggravating the players’ disgust!

Of course, someone would naturally be in charge of editing the film. Meng Chang did not have to do it personally.

He had more important things to arrange now.

Boss Pei had already spoken to Slow Movement Studio about the publicity plan this time and asked them to cooperate fully. Thus, according to the previous plan, Slow Movement Studio had already sent the mass-produced version of 100 units of Doubt VR glasses to the advertising and marketing department.

In fact, the current Doubt VR was already in the mass-production stage. There was definitely more than that.

However, Boss Pei only wanted 100 units.

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The reason was to deliberately create a hunger marketing effect in the beginning to cause players to feel disgusted.

What’s more, these VR glasses were not to be sold. Instead, they were to be given to some UP Masters in the digital and game zones with bad reputations of accepting sponsored partnerships for free. At the same time, they were to be given some “marketing funds” to boast about the VR glasses.

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If he were to sell these 100 pairs of glasses, it would indeed not be much. It would not even be enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

However, if he gave it to the UP Masters, it would be good enough. What’s more, he would have more than enough. He might even be able to get to those small UP Masters with thousands of fans.

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Meng Chang had already sent people to Aili Island’s website and other video websites to investigate. He specially looked for UP Masters with many fans, bad reputation with sponsored partnerships, or UP Masters with fewer fans and no influence.