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Can an online auction really make money?

If she couldn’t answer, then I had to propose what we should do, but…

“Wa-wait a second. Now, my emotions are all over the place…!”

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Kei stretched out her open hands, waiting for a bit, to try to lessen my worrying.

Looking at Kei, I decided to calmly wait for that moment to come.

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After a bit, Kei looked at me, determination in her eyes.

“…Well, argh! That, how do I say it…”

Although she made up her mind, it still took some work to organize the words and speak them.

Due to me feeling that she was ineffably cute in that state, I didn’t feel depressed even though I was waiting for this long for her answer.

“To you…basically, I…”

Although it was extremely hard to work up the courage to do so, Kei did not try to look away.

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This might be proof of Kei’s determination.

Karuizawa Kei’s strength was that, once she had made up her mind, she would carry it out to the end, no matter what the situation.

“Li-like…huh…rather than say that…”

Kei’s voice became softer and softer, stammering, but persisting in revealing her feelings.

“I also… like… like…you. I don’t want to say it but…I-I admit! I admit it alright!”

I don’t know why she was angry, but even so, she still revealed her feelings of love.

I stretched out my arms and gently held Kei’s arms.

“W-wait!? D-don’t say you want to kiss!?”

Kei’s reaction was even stronger than when I told her I liked her.