Can mobile phone make money online?

Can mobile phone make money online?

Pei Qian did not intend to give Jiang Yuan any chance to obtain more ‘successful passwords’ from him. He stood up decisively and said, “Alright, the contents of the news conference have been decided. You can get off work happily!”

Jiang Yuan quickly said, “Er... Boss Pei, I applied for two hours of overtime. Only an hour has passed. It’s too fast. I’ll stay and think about it.”

Pei Qian was a little unhappy. “Working overtime is not important. What’s important is how much work you’ve done.”

“It’s not time yet, but the work is done. What’s the point of staying here? It’s May 1st today. Hurry up and go back to rest!”

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“The overtime pay is still the same as before. Not a single cent less.”

Jiang Yuan declined again. “No, Boss Pei. I have to think it through again. I promise I’ll leave immediately after two hours!”

Pei Qian decided not to chase him out seeing how determined he was. After all, they had agreed on two hours.

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At that thought, Pei Qian compromised. “Alright, be more self-aware. Go home immediately after two hours.”

Just as he was about to leave, Jiang Yuan suddenly asked, “Boss Pei, please wait a moment. I have one last question!”

“The advantages and disadvantages of cell phones... Talk about the merits or the shortcomings first?”

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Pei Qian was stunned.

Good lord, I’m about to leave, and you’re still trying to trick me?

He subconsciously wanted to say “the merits first” but suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The previous E1 cell phone had been about the merits. In the end, something big happened!

Pei Qian recalled carefully. At that time, E1’s news conference had first mentioned the price segment. Then, Chang You had used a speed recital to explain the cell phone’s merits. Finally, he had mentioned the cell phone’s shortcomings.

In the end, it was so exciting that the audience completely ignored the cell phone’s flaws.